Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mementos of San Miguel de Allende and some Beautiful People

After Mexico, I've been on the road through San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Now on our way home, I'll try to post these last mementos of my Pilgrimage in Paint experience, before we drive beyond internet range!

In the entry at the Mask Museum house.
In the Mask Museum sales shop.
Double fountain in a private home's patio.
Art class with Judy Wise and Katie Kendrick
Angel card reader and lovely, lovely human being, Gloria.
My angel card reading - such a magical revelation!
New friends, Sharon and Melinda, arting.
More new friends - Richard and Anado - I hope I can visit again soon!
My collage arty party buddies, Jan and Janet, pretty in purple!
Betty and Suzy of Casa Carmen prepare REAL Mexican hot chocolate.
We all take turns whipping the chocolate with a milinilla to make it frothy, then indulge in the fruit of our labor! Mmm...

Lovely new friend, Julie.

Whimsical Mexican stonework
An upper story patio at a private residence.
We had a skylight like this in the floor of our bedroom at Casa Carmen.  The glowing light let me know that Betty had arrived and our delicious breakfast preparations were under way.
Creative house numbers
Julie walking by architectural history on display.
Lacy greens at Juarez Park.
Delightful screen door ornamentation!
Abundant artwork everywhere you look.

And now all the beautiful people we spent time with on our Pilgrimage, and some of the artwork they did.


Class samples and demos by Katie Kendrick and Judy Wise

Katie Kendrick and her amazing coat of many colors
Saint Judy - Judy Wise in the kitchen at Casa Carmen.
We were so lucky to spend such a glorious time with these three beautiful teachers, Judy Wise, Katie Kendrick, and Rebecca Brooks.

It was so wonderful to finally meet our Pilgrimage leader, Rebecca Brooks, in person!
Janet Wagoner
Janet Wilson
Many tears were shed as the time came for the painty pilgrims to go back home.  But what wonderful memories and friendships we will carry with us as we go forward!

Next chapter: the Intrepid Four (Janet, Sally, Diane, and Lulu) climb the highest heights in Mexcio City!


Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Love this collection of photos, Lulu, especially how you collaged pictures together of the various artists with their creations - great idea! Although seeing Cindy's art makes me realize I meant to get some Mexican stamps when I was there and I forgot! :(

Mary G. said...

Beautiful photos Lulu - Looking forward to more!

katie said...

I loved looking back through our time in San Miguel through your eyes, Lulu...beautiful gathering of photos. I'm grateful for the time I got to spend with you!!

MeOfCourse said...

Just wonderful Lulu. Memories to last a lifetime. New friends made and I'm very happy for you. Take care. Thanks.

Reets C said...

thank you for the trip . . that I can take again and again. Wonderful pictures. You are fun to follow Lulu. You and your fearless journey girls.
til next time . . ♡

Priti.Lisa said...

Thank you eversomuch Lulu for sharing these pictures...a pilgrimage of sisterhood, love, and artfulness and...I know it was great:)♥xox

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Thank you Lulu for sharing in such a beautiful and thoughtful way. You are special and I am so happy to have spent some time with you.

rebecca said...

my dear lulu,
your collection of happiness reflects the love you hold for everyone so perfectly. you are a person who offers heart gifts wherever you go; this one is such a beautiful love letter to each of us.
thank you with all my heart.

Gillena Cox said...

What an awesome sharing; have a nice Sunday

much love...

Kathie Vezzani said...

Great posting. I appreciate the way you did the collages of each artist's work. Loved your puppet that you made while you were with us.

wabisabipoet said...

This must have been a light-filled joyous trip! Thank you for sharing so many images. I feel as though I had a peek into this lovely experience!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I can tell it was hard for you to leave!

Hiding the Stars

Janet said...


Amazing photos! Love the color and saturation. I love how you captured the essence of each moment.

Your compilation photos of the artists and their work was great - love how you did that!

I hope we will see more photos from you about San Miguel too!

rebecca said...

dear lulu,
so much love and wonderful memories here! no end to the mary love that i hope you just might want to share over at recuerda mi corazon as we begin today for A Virgin A Day!!!
i can't believe it is december first!i am still sharing the sun washed courtyard of casa carmen with you!

Emily Moon said...

Beautiful artwork all around! I'm so happy you had such a wonderful time and met so many incredible people!