Thursday, October 31, 2013

An enchanted night in San Miguel - Una noche encantada

First, a little preview of some projects we would be working on during the days.  These were created by Katie Kendrick, Stephanie Lee, and Judy Wise. 

Sketches of San Miguel (Judy)

Painted plaster tiles (Stephanie)
Larger plaster paintings (Katie)

And a magical pouch to put all of our projects in

The pilgrims gathered around Judy to learn how to apply a smooth layer of joint compound to our plaster gauze boards.

That evening, while some of the pilgrims went off to cooking class, a small group of us headed out for a light dinner with Judy at the Jardin.  Suddenly mariachis, magical castles, and the full moon appeared!

Julie and Diane enjoying the cafe on the Jardin.
Sweet serenade.
Vamos a cantar!
La Parroquia all lit up in the night
It was the night of the full moon lunar eclipse!

After our supper as we wandered around the Jardin, another procession appeared.  More mariachis, all dressed in white, a crowd of revelers sipping tequila from tiny jugs strung about their necks, and... a giant bride and groom!  It was a wedding!

The finest mariachis!
Leader of the festivities!

Here comes the bride!
And the groom.

Ay! Ay! Ay!  Was it something he said?
Everybody dance!

Truly and enchanted evening that will live long in the memories of us all!


MeOfCourse said...

Even though I wasn't there, it will live in my memory too. Thanks for sharing all these great photos Lulu, very much appreciated.

sally.wilson said...

Yes it was a wonderful day and night. I am enjoying reliving the journey and the special people we have met.

Janet said...

Magical day, magical night!

The class project was great, wasn't it? Nice pics.

The wedding you captured was also great! Wish I had been there to see it! Do you think that you saw 3 weddings and a funeral while you were there? I saw the funeral, and heard of 2 weddings.

Loved your puppet too! Can't wait to see it posted here.