Monday, September 8, 2014

In which my Blogspot becomes my website

Hear ye, hear ye!  After finding that my old website had many glitches, I will henceforth be using my blogspot here as my website!  Please notice the tabs above, so handy dandy for navigating to my different galleries.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Letterboxing Milestone!

A quick post regarding my new favorite hobby: Letterboxing! Who would have guessed that my sweet hubby would be so interested in joining me on my treasure hunt adventures.  We started going every weekend, and sometimes (even frequently) during the week!  Very quickly, I was able to reach a big milestone: FINDING MY 100TH LETTERBOX!  (Two weekends ago!  Who knows what number I'm at now?!)

Oh, the fun of it!  Deciphering clues, hunting, finding, enjoying the creativity of others, carving my own stamps, hiding boxes, learning the history of places, communing with nature, and of course - sharing it all with Rob, Ollie, and Rattie! 

Hiking trails I haven't been to before
Seeing the most beautiful places
Who knew a walk along the Water Treatment trail would yield such views!
Found a letterbox!
 Ollie approves of this fantastic find.
Sometimes we come across strange and threatening creatures along the way. Ollie is curious but  Rattie is very suspicious of Seaman.
Some letterboxes are hidden in the most delicious places!
From a page in my log book
Rattie on the lookout for pirates approaching the island.
A super creative series of boxes by Spaceship Passengers began with this find.
Another one of those strange, wild (and gigantic!) creatures you may find along the way. 
A couple of my hand-carved stamps hidden somewhere out there.  Want to find them?  Check out ukulele lulu on
If you want to know more about letterboxing, please visit, and join the fun!

xoxo  lulu

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Very Special Patchwork Pony

The horsey that was previously shown in progress, completed in July:

Several vintage kimono fabrics, as well as contemporary Japanese fabrics were included in this beauty. along with very detailed hand stitching.  I fell quite in love with this horse.  Alas, it has gone to live in another home, but happily with a friend so that I will be able to visit!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pippi Longstocking and other doll news

My Pippi Longstocking doll was completed in July, but I am behind the times.  Here she is!

Pippi is another tall doll, over 3 feet tall!
Pippi's long stockings are mix and match
Yep, she has the coolest boots ever.
Pippi's toothy grin says it all.
That's so Pippi!
Pippi loves her Patchwork Pony!
I think Pippi would have loved hanging out with Pirate Prudence, but Prudence has gone to live in a new home.  We will miss her!

Several other dolls found new homes during the Salem Art Fair:

Miss Paris
Miss Madrid
Miss Tokyo
We miss them all, but are quite happy for them as they continue their lives' journeys.

Marie Antoinette, Dorothy Gale, and The Little Match Girl are on a trip to California.  They were sent to be considered for publication in Art Doll Quarterly.  Fingers crossed!

That is all the doll new for now.  Adieu!
xoxo  lulu

Monday, June 30, 2014

A horse is a horse

I've got some new friends watching over me...

I wandered off from my art group one day just to take a break.  Walking on down the street I landed at Bolt, a wonderful neighborhood fabric shop on NE Alberta.  As my eyes darted around to take in all the fabric junkie eye candy, I saw a patchwork horse one of the employees had made, and I immediately thought, "I am going to make a horse!"  So I bought a few fat quarters and remnants, and later that day I worked up a pattern through trial and error.

 Now I've got a small herd running around here.

Lots are colorful, but I'm surprising myself lately with a love for naturals and neutrals.

Some fancy patchwork and embroidery horses are in progress.

I'll be rounding up the horseys to take with me to the Salem Art Fair and Festival, July 18, 19, and 20!  Come on by to see them up close and personal!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pint-Sized Polymer Doll Class at Collage PDX

This past Saturday I had a FUN time teaching this little cutie at Collage on Alberta:

This pint-sized polymer clay doll is made out of Sculpey Original polymer clay.  In class we discovered that Sculpey III works equally well.

It was a small, intimate group of creatives: Maureen, Maree, Maggie, and Sally Jo.  There were plenty of laughs while we worked, but also some SERIOUS focus was going around!

Let's see how they did...

Sally's doll is primed and ready to paint!

This doll has her foundation applied.

Maureen, an experienced porcelain doll china painter, shows her skills.

Maggie is loving her sweet thing as she tries on some hair...

and who wouldn't love her?  This gal's got is goin' on!

I was impressed by these diligent doll makers!  Check out them out!

Here is Olivia, by Maureen.  Isn't her coiffure incredible!

This is Matilde, by Maree.  What adorable details in her ensemble!

I don't know if Maggie named her doll - I think maybe it's just Maggie!  Love her fringed skirt and bubbly personality!

I'm so sorry I missed getting a photo of Sally's beautiful doll, but fear not - I'm sure I'll get my chance yet.  And I might also finish the doll I started as a demonstration!  A BIG thanks to my students and to the staff at Collage for making teaching so much fun!

Next chance to take a doll making class with me: July 26 and 27, again at Collage on Alberta.  Super Mini-You is BACK!  Please contact Collage to sign up.  Hope to see you there!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy Etsy Craft Party Day!

Crafty people unite!  Around the world, today was Etsy Craft Party Day.  Here in Portland, the party was organized by Erin R., a member of Etsy PDX and owner of Etsy shop lil e creations, and hosted by Maria Raleigh, owner of collage (our favorite local art and craft supply shop!)  I enjoyed myself as a volunteer helping at the craft tables all day.  Erin did an amazing job organizing the crafts, Maria donated lots of raffle prizes, and both did an excellent job getting the word out - we were packed!  Picture time!
Erin and the Collage crew did an amazing job with the signage and decor.
Erin puts the finishing touches on a display board.
Thanks for the donuts, Maria!
Welcome sign (by yours truly).
Fifteen minutes into the party, and the chairs were almost all full!
Raffle prizes GALORE, provided by Collage and some of the Etsy PDX members.
Everyone happily crafting away!
Photo weavers
Paper quilling
A place to share our work.
Quilled, woven, and embroidered photos - sweet ways to save sweet memories.
Très jolie! 
That was fun!  Looking forward to next year's crafting party!