Monday, June 30, 2014

A horse is a horse

I've got some new friends watching over me...

I wandered off from my art group one day just to take a break.  Walking on down the street I landed at Bolt, a wonderful neighborhood fabric shop on NE Alberta.  As my eyes darted around to take in all the fabric junkie eye candy, I saw a patchwork horse one of the employees had made, and I immediately thought, "I am going to make a horse!"  So I bought a few fat quarters and remnants, and later that day I worked up a pattern through trial and error.

 Now I've got a small herd running around here.

Lots are colorful, but I'm surprising myself lately with a love for naturals and neutrals.

Some fancy patchwork and embroidery horses are in progress.

I'll be rounding up the horseys to take with me to the Salem Art Fair and Festival, July 18, 19, and 20!  Come on by to see them up close and personal!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pint-Sized Polymer Doll Class at Collage PDX

This past Saturday I had a FUN time teaching this little cutie at Collage on Alberta:

This pint-sized polymer clay doll is made out of Sculpey Original polymer clay.  In class we discovered that Sculpey III works equally well.

It was a small, intimate group of creatives: Maureen, Maree, Maggie, and Sally Jo.  There were plenty of laughs while we worked, but also some SERIOUS focus was going around!

Let's see how they did...

Sally's doll is primed and ready to paint!

This doll has her foundation applied.

Maureen, an experienced porcelain doll china painter, shows her skills.

Maggie is loving her sweet thing as she tries on some hair...

and who wouldn't love her?  This gal's got is goin' on!

I was impressed by these diligent doll makers!  Check out them out!

Here is Olivia, by Maureen.  Isn't her coiffure incredible!

This is Matilde, by Maree.  What adorable details in her ensemble!

I don't know if Maggie named her doll - I think maybe it's just Maggie!  Love her fringed skirt and bubbly personality!

I'm so sorry I missed getting a photo of Sally's beautiful doll, but fear not - I'm sure I'll get my chance yet.  And I might also finish the doll I started as a demonstration!  A BIG thanks to my students and to the staff at Collage for making teaching so much fun!

Next chance to take a doll making class with me: July 26 and 27, again at Collage on Alberta.  Super Mini-You is BACK!  Please contact Collage to sign up.  Hope to see you there!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy Etsy Craft Party Day!

Crafty people unite!  Around the world, today was Etsy Craft Party Day.  Here in Portland, the party was organized by Erin R., a member of Etsy PDX and owner of Etsy shop lil e creations, and hosted by Maria Raleigh, owner of collage (our favorite local art and craft supply shop!)  I enjoyed myself as a volunteer helping at the craft tables all day.  Erin did an amazing job organizing the crafts, Maria donated lots of raffle prizes, and both did an excellent job getting the word out - we were packed!  Picture time!
Erin and the Collage crew did an amazing job with the signage and decor.
Erin puts the finishing touches on a display board.
Thanks for the donuts, Maria!
Welcome sign (by yours truly).
Fifteen minutes into the party, and the chairs were almost all full!
Raffle prizes GALORE, provided by Collage and some of the Etsy PDX members.
Everyone happily crafting away!
Photo weavers
Paper quilling
A place to share our work.
Quilled, woven, and embroidered photos - sweet ways to save sweet memories.
Très jolie! 
That was fun!  Looking forward to next year's crafting party!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Oh, Poor Bird

Oh, poor bird,
Why art thou
Flying in the shadows
At this dark hour?

These are lyrics to an Olde English round that I learned when I was a kid.  I'm using the first line as a title for a textile piece I've just finished.

I am loving the piecing, inspired by Japanese boro cloths...  (Some of these bits of cloth were found in the free pile, or in the trash, discarded by a sewist who was no doubt squaring her quilt.)

and the stitching, inspired by Jude Hill (and eons of stitchers before our time)...

It feels like a secret language is being transported through me.

It all began with this photograph I took and altered several years ago.  I found this poor bird on my front porch one morning, so beautiful, even in death.  Now it finds a home in context, a fragmented memory.

Fragmented Memory #2: Oh, Poor Bird 
"Fragmented Memory #2: Oh, Poor Bird," is now on it's way to Los Angeles, to be part of The Song of the Birds, showing at Cactus Gallery June 14 - July 8, 2014.  Opening reception will be on Saturday, June 14th, from 3 to 7 p.m.  If you are in the area, I hope you can go and enjoy the show!

All images of Fragmented Memory #2: Oh, Poor Bird, copyright of the artist, lulu moonwood murakami.  You are welcome to share only with proper credit and linkage back to this website.  Thank you!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Stitches... and a bright sunny day in LA

A quilt for little pirate's play begins to take shape.
I LOVE drawing in thread!

When finished, this quilt will be for sale at a brand new artisan shop in Salem, OR: Eclectic NW.  I will post when the quilt is done and the shop has its grand opening!

Photos from my trip to the Southland, part 2: Can you believe how blue and beautiful it was when I visited the land of my birth, La Ciudad de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles (aka L.A.)!  On this trip I went places I don't normally visit in LA, and it's all thanks to Emily and letterboxing.  Emily & Michael took Janet and me to The Grove, a giant outdoor mall that looks like something out of Disneyland (and I'm wondering if its name is a reference to The Coconut Grove, the nighttime hot spot much beloved by my mother in her youth.  The Next Generation also took us to Wacko, the coolest store in LA, that's been around for 40 years but I never knew about it.  How could that be!?!?!  Thank goodness for daughters who know what their mothers would like!

"The Next Generation," Emily & Michael
Inside Wacko
Nuestra Señora de los Angeles
And other strange celestial beings
Even the bathroom is uber-cool!
I want this in my house!
Wacko also houses an art gallery, La Luz de Jesus.  Here, extreme beading art work by Antoine Oleyant, part of the Haitian Vodou flag exhibit, (April 2014).  Incredible folk art!
Oh, lookie!  There's a Lulu doll (and she looks just like me)!
Cuteness!  I want to make one of these!
Wacko carries all your Day of the Dead décor needs.
Gotta love the signage ( and my lomo-ish photo ap!)
Yes, we are Wacko!
Letterboxing took us to Mulholland Drive and to the Griffith Park Observatory.  Strangely, as a native Angelino (a!), I had never been to this part of Mulholland Dr., the part that looks over Hollywood and Downtown.  What a clear blue day to do it!  Blue sky!  Greenery!  Fresh air!  LA!

Overlooking one of LA's reservoires
Finding the Tinsel Town letterbox!

Our intrepid letterbox explorers next went to Griffith Park, a place I hadn't been to since 4th grade!  Why didn't we go more often?  It's a beautiful place!  Here at the Observatory we found our trickiest clues yet.

Michael, Emily, and Janet
Finding clues for Voyager - the Column of Astronomers
Hi, Emily!!!
The painted ceiling of the rotunda inside the Observatory
Just can't get over this clear blue day!
Upper deck of the Observatory
Mother and child
We never did find the Voyager letterbox, in spite of finally figuring out the clues and its location (in fact, the owner of Voyager wrote and told me the box had gone missing some time ago).  On to the next box, also at Griffith Park, with new and FANTASTIC views of the Observatory, and once found, Janet and I were rewarded with the BEST carving yet!

Amazing view of the Observatory!

Starry, Starry Night, my first 5 star letterbox!  Amazing carve and a great hike!
As twilight begins to descend over the Hollywood sign...
we hurry back down the hill where Emily and Michael await.  Was that a coyote I just heard?
As the sun sets, we bid you adieu, LA.  Thank you for such a wonderful, fun-filled day!

xoxo  lulu