Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Getting stampy

In December Julie Fei-Fan Balzer (artist/crafter extraordinaire!) was running a stamp carving daily on her blog.  Although I was unable to participate due to other obligations, I was nevertheless SO inspired and had the urge to carve!!!  This month I've had some time to dabble in it.  It seems I especially love to do the carves that can be rotated and stamped together to make a larger design.  FUN!

I love seeing how the designs change depending on which way you rotate the stamp!  Somewhat of a Moroccan flavor, n'est-ce pas?

Multiple tiles - oof!  I made a few mistakes!

A new carve made a sort of Mexican flower design.

On the left, the same stamp as above rotated so it wouldn't make the flower.  On the right, going geometric.

Each carve and stamping makes me want to do another one. Very addicting!

And then there are the carves I do for letterboxing.  Here are two of the latest:

A bald eagle looking to steal an osprey's catch of the day.  This stamp was inspired by an event that Rattollie got to witness on one of his dog walks by the Sandy River.

I carved this stamp this past weekend while up in Victoria, BC.  It's inspired by the First Nations wood carvings - in particular, a Haida wood carving.  I didn't get the chance to plant this letterbox while we were up there, so I'll have to wait until next year's annual hockey tournament when we go back!

Do I wish I could just stay home and carve all day?  Yes!  But alas, time to get ready for school.  See you later!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Celebrating with family and TraLaLa

Decorations, gatherings, baking, dressing up as celebrities - just for fun!  Cherishing time with my daughters, all grown up now, the life of the party!

Just a few of the celebs that came by: Jackie Moon from Semi-Pro, the ghosts of OSU past, present and future; Katniss Eberdeen and Willy Wonka, Clark and Ellen Griswold, Danny from Grease and Frozen's Elsa, Bono and Yoko Ono!
Ok, Robbie - we're expecting great things from that GoPro!
TraLaLa - Friends, secret Santas and surprises galore - an extra day of celebrating and arting! 

Kellye knits a cap, Sally and Diane open gifts!
Sonya, Sally, Janet and Jan
Cute d├ęcor and gifts galore!
I hope your holidays were merry and bright, filled with love and joy!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday

When I was a kid I always loved wearing my cat ears.

(Somewhere there is a photo of real me wearing my ears,
but they are actually Batman ears!)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Playful pirates and a special book

How delightful to get more requests for custom work!  First up, a pirate play doll for a little girl:

Meet Dread Pirate Buttercup!  (Her name comes from the little girl's nickname, given to her by her auntie.)
She's a strawberry blonde with a reversible skirt, striped leggings, and boots!
Skirt flipped inside out to show the stripey side.
Another nickname "tattooed"onto her arm.
Happy sailing!

Next, our dear Diane requested a pirate family for her sister Kathy.

Kathy and Dapper Dan
Kathy sports a personalized braceelt.
And could it be their dog Spot?

Aarrrrghhhhf, Matey!
And finally, a special and personalized fabric book for a specail friend.

I hope you had a Merry Little Christmas, one and all!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Pirate Needs a Matey, Arrrr!

Just completed: a custom order of a Pirate's Lady Love - so FUN!

Tee hee!  This comely lass on the left is the custom order.  She'll be saying fare thee well, to Mr. Sea Star soon as she heads off to her new home with her one true love.

It was really fun to come up with her lady pirate costume, complete with bloomers, panniers and a bustier!  Take a look:

Red-striped bloomers and a blue bustier

Special request: Gone With the Wind book tattoo

Even her peg leg has special trimming

Tri-corn with skull and marabou feathers

She's a vision!
I hope my customer will be as pleased as punch!

P.S, There's a new ship load of Little Pirates that have landed at Guardino Gallery in Portland, and they can also be found at the Bush Barn Art Center Holiday Fair in Salem!  Ship's ahoy!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Spanish teacher gets inspired

I am teaching high school Spanish this year at a charter school.  So many challenges!  Having begun in October (the third Spanish teacher the kids had had since September,  things were quite rough in the beginning.  After a big Day of the Dead project, some of the kids are starting to turn things around.  One student made a calavera pillow, inspiring me to make some calacas myself!  Here is my work in progress:

Very happy with my progress!  (Happy to find the time to work on it at 3:00 a.m.!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Getting puppety

My BBG buddies are off to the four corners of the world right now.  I'm home, missing them, but keeping myself very busy.  I've been working on some dolls and puppets for the video I'll be doing with a young man I met at the Salem Art Fair earlier this year.  He's a puppet maker, sort of in the style of Jim Henson's Muppets.  When he came across my booth he brought up the idea of a collaboration.  The story line so far: his muppet alien monster is getting therapy from Freud (being played by my Leon Trotsky doll).  There are dreams and nightmares discussed, involving mean teachers, ballerinas, etc.  Here is Mean Teacher #1, finished.  Notice in the detail shot, even Jesus is looking kind of crotchety in this classroom!  Must be a tough bunch of kids!  (Can you tell I've been subbing lately?)

copyright lulumoon
copyright lulumoon

copyright lulumoon
copyright lulumoon
Mean teacher #2 (based on one of my real life 4th grade teachers!)  (She's still waiting for her classroom to be ready...)

copyright lulumoon
copyright lulumoon
Frida and Diego will be playing the parts of Alien's mother and father.  This is the first time I've made a cloth and clay hand puppet!  I may be tweaking Frida's costume a bit, and Diego is waiting for the tailor to finish his gray suit.

copyright lulumoon
copyright lulumoon
copyright lulumoon
Shadow boxes have also been painted for scenery.  So far our filming schedule has been pushed back several times, but we'll get it done one of these days, and when we do I'll be sure to post the video here!  In the meantime, some of these characters will be going to the Corvallis Fall Festival this weekend.  If they sell... I guess I'll have to recreate them for the next time we schedule filming!

xoxo  lulu